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Screenshot of a cure for headache

A follow up to my previous post. After a total of three different support cases as well as probably around 20 people involved the issue is finally resolved. After EXCELLENT Customer Care from the last TAC Engineer and an escalation to the Business Unit I today finally received a working license file.

I am not very happy about the tone in some of my own correspondence. I’ve been on the receiving end of support calls enough times to know how frustrating it can be for the support engineer. But on the other hand, I’ve never before experience such poor handling of a customer so I must say that it was warranted. Truth be told I could have been much harsher.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 18.13.17


Customer Care.. or the lack of it

Those who know me and/or follows me on Twitter knows that I’m an Apple and Cisco fanboy. Here’s a summary of a week with three events that put a serious dent in my until now flawless marriage with Cisco.

1) Internal issues or just broken Cisco Databases?

Customer #1 runs LMS 4.0. They want to upgrade to LMS 4.2 as well as start looking at Prime Infrastructure. To be able to upgrade licenses their Service Contract number needs to be connected to their CCO account. For some reason this can’t be done. I can’t really put the blame on Cisco as it might very well be internal processes at my own company. But I do believe that there is actually something wrong with Cisco databases. I have been trying to get this working for a month with no success. How hard can it be?
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