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As I sit here on a wonderful summer’s eve somewhere in the middle of Sweden I realize that I’m just a few days short of my 14th anniversary as a full time employee within the IT-business. I add my years as self employed teenage enthusiast before that and I reach a second realization: I’m a veteran. Sure, it’s not a lot compared to other industries but one must also remember that the IT-business is somewhat different to others. Everything moves so fast. Innovations happens every day. New buzz words frequently pops up. Some dies out soon but some move on to become some sort of standard in a world where standards are out dated before they are agreed upon.

Ok, I may be a bit over dramatic and just a wee bit over the top nostalgic. But at the same time there’s no denying it, things are moving so fast and to stay updated one must spend a very significant amount of time keeping up. As you move up the ladder, unwillingly or not, you get less and less time for tech. I find that to be quite sad and I intend to do something about it.

Customer Care.. or the lack of it

Those who know me and/or follows me on Twitter knows that I’m an Apple and Cisco fanboy. Here’s a summary of a week with three events that put a serious dent in my until now flawless marriage with Cisco.

1) Internal issues or just broken Cisco Databases?

Customer #1 runs LMS 4.0. They want to upgrade to LMS 4.2 as well as start looking at Prime Infrastructure. To be able to upgrade licenses their Service Contract number needs to be connected to their CCO account. For some reason this can’t be done. I can’t really put the blame on Cisco as it might very well be internal processes at my own company. But I do believe that there is actually something wrong with Cisco databases. I have been trying to get this working for a month with no success. How hard can it be?
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