Verification is the key

Spent 8 hours at proctorlabs yesterday and another 5 at gradedlabs. Status right now is that I would probably get around 65-70 on the lab. And yes, I can say that because I’ve done about 8 graded labs (Cisco 360) and every time I’ve guessed my results pretty close. Except for that one time when I got 90 and expected 60 due to INSANE redistribution that just never seemed to stop fscking up everything. By far the trickiest lab I’ve done so far! And also apparently one of the best I’ve done. I scored 90 because I never stopped verifying.  I’m used to having at least a few tasks that plays with global connectivity but not that many in one single lab. There were so many tasks that completely broke Golden Moment that by end of that day I felt like killing either myself or the lab author. Probably the lab author.

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